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Anton Sprint Pro Range

Drawing on 30 years of experience of providing test and measurement solutions to the heating industry, the all new Sprint Pro range has been designed to be the most reliable and comprehensive range of flue gas analysers Anton have ever produced. UK designed, manufactured and supported; the new Sprint Pro range really is the professionals choice.
Anton have now introduced a new style of flue probe where the probe now has a block connector that clicks into the analyser preventing the probe from coming off and Anton's new combined condensate trap and filtration system has been designed to prevent water and particulates entering the instrument. Condensate from the flue getting into instruments is the main cause of instrument damage causing inaccurate readings and the need for instruments to be returned for an unscheduled repair.

In addition to this, the pump has a safety cut off feature where the pump will stop at 4,000ppm CO to prevent damage to the sensor and with six instruments with in the Pro range all of which are hydrogen ready (up to 20% blend) and the option of upgrading (from Sprint Pro 2 upwards) you can future proof your self when purchasing an Anton Sprint Pro.

The Sprint Pro 1 is Anton's entry level flue gas analyser which will do flue gas analysis with multi fuel options, differential temperature and CO Room Safety including the latest sweep test.

The Sprint Pro 2 is the same as the Sprint Pro 1 but also has pressure built in enabling you to carry out timed let/by tightness tests, working pressure, operating pressure, differential pressure etc and you also have the option of a plug in gas leak probe and future optional upgrades of Bluetooth, Direct CO2 measurement and NOx.

The Sprint Pro 3 is the same as the Sprint Pro 2 but also has Bluetooth built in enabling you to Bluetooth all the readings across to Anton's Sprint Mobile app that will run on IOS and Android platforms enabling you to go paperless and email a whole host of gas safe reports to your customer. You can also set you self a reminder to contact them again in 11 months time for repeat business and you can also process your invoicing through the app as well. All of this combined with boiler manuals, energy efficency, pipe length and gas ratio calculators make Anton's Sprint Mobile app an excellent add on and part of your business to have in conjunction with the Sprint Pro 3.

The Sprint Pro 4 is the same as the Sprint Pro 3 but also has a direct CO2 sensor built in enabling you to carry out ambient CO2 tests in commercial catering or for carrying out fume investigation work where the CO2 reading is displayed in ppm via the direct infra-red sensor.

The Sprint Pro 5 is the same as the Sprint Pro 3 but also has an NO sensor so you can determine the level of NOx in the flue sample. (Please see the commercial flue gas analyser section)

Finally the Sprint Pro 6 is the same as the Sprint Pro 4 but also has the NO sensor making the Pro 6 Anton's flag ship model as this has the O2, CO, NO & Direct CO2 sensor fitted with Bluetooth as standard. (Please see the commercial flue gas analyser section)