Anton IAQ 8494 CO2 & Temperature Data Logger

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Anton IAQ8494 CO2 Monitor

Poor indoor air quality is considered unhealthy because it causes tiredness, loss of ability to concentrate and even illness (e.g. Sick Building Syndrome). Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring, especially on CO2 levels and air ventilation, is becoming widely applied in public areas such as offices, classrooms, factories, hospitals and hotels.It is also suggested in regulations of industrial hygiene in some countries.

This portable CO2 meter uses NDIR (Non-Dispersive InfraRed) technology to ensure reliability and long term stability. It is particularly useful in verifying HVAC system performance and air ventilation control. The Anton IAQ8494 detects carbon dioxide and temperature. The handheld unit also shows Time Weighted Average and Short-Term Exposure Limit.

The Anton IAQ8494 provides real time readings of carbon dioxide and temperature, it is designed to monitor and ensure a safe, comfortable indoor air quality and can be connected to a computer for data analysis.

  • Double display of CO2 and temperature
  • Stable NDIR sensor for CO2 detection
  • Statistics of weighted averages
  • Backlight for working in dark areas
  • Audible CO2 warning alarm
  • Easy manual calibration on CO2
  • PC connect via RS232 interface
  • Supplied in a hard carry case
Click here for the Anton IAQ8494 data sheet