APU 200 Air Fan Unit

£1,257.58 ex. VAT
£1,509.10 inc. VAT
RRP: £1,661.82

The APU 200 - Fan Purge Unit is designed for the direct purging of pipe work from natural gas to air. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Purge Unit with integral meter which is available as an optional extra item in 100 and 150 mm models.

It can also be used to pressurise pipe work for tightness testing. This fan is capable of providing about 100 mbar and can be used for combined strength and tightness tests.

All Soundness Testing and Purging must be carried out as set down in IGEM publications UP/1, or UP/1A. If the volume is less than 1 cubic metre [35.3 cubic feet] with operating pressure below 40 mbar]. Depending upon resistances, the unit provides up to about 50 m3/h of air.

The APU150 (pipe work upto 150mm) and APU200 (pipe work up to 200mm) Air Fan Purge Units are housed in a vinyl-coated, aluminium-framed case (500mm x 400mm x 400mm).  Each unit comes complete with 5m Antistatic Purge Hose.


  Click here for the APU 200 Instruction Manual