Flare Units

Instead of venting unwanted gas from pipe work or vessels directly into the atmosphere, burning it off by flaring can be a more acceptable option, in particular where safety and environmental concerns are significant.

The Flare Units have been developed for burning off both Natural Gas and LPG in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Flaring is undertaken using a stainless steel burner which in operation is mounted 2.5m above ground level on 15mm steel pipes. Continuous spark ignition sourced from a 110v transformer ensures constant burning, particularly important when gas concentration is at lower levels. To allow safe working where pressure is above two bar, the Flare Units are equipped with a regulator set. All components are housed in a durable aluminium-framed box which acts as a firm standing base for the flare stack when the Unit is operational.

The Flare Units are compliant with IGEM Utilisation Procedures UP/1 and 1A.