GES Gas-Tec MK4 Hydrocarbon Gas Detector
GES Gas-Tec MK4 Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

GES Gas-Tec MK4 Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

£4,560.00 (inc. VAT)

GES Gas-Tec MK4 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

The GES Gas-Tec portable Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) sensor can measure minute levels of hydrocarbons, allowing detection of levels from 1 to 10,000ppm of methane in less than 2 seconds. Even gas leaks from distribution pipes located under main roads or highways can be quickly detected.

Extremely portable, the Gas-Tec is shoulder carried allowing the independent probe to be positioned easily around valves and flanges.

Supplied with a refillable hydrogen cylinder (60 hours use), rechargeable lead acid batteries (15 hours use), angled probe, battery charger, DIN socket for battery charging and data output to chart recorder, filters and carrying case.

  • Very easy to activate and use – minimal training required
  • Hydrogen fuel source for improved accuracy
  • Rechargeable batteries - 15 hour usage per charge
  • 60 hour operational life of H2 cylinder
Leak Identification
  • Identification of concentration – from 1 ppm to 10,000 ppm 
  • Geiger counter style click, with Crescendo alarm for increased concentrations
  • Very quick 2 second response time
  • Loudspeaker or earphone options, for background noise isolation
  • Fast to read analogue display
  • Twin ranges with optional range extension
  • For use for all hydrocarbon detection

What Comes with the GES Mk4 Gas-Tec FID

● Heavy Duty Carry Case

● Mains Charger

● Probe Assembly

● 1 x 400ml Hydrogen Cylinder (Supplied Empty)

● Spare Dust & Water Filters

● Quick Start Guide

● User Guide

● 6 Month Calibration Certificate

● 12 Month Warranty

Click here for the GES Gas-Tec MK4 data sheet