GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector
GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector
GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

£4,800.00 ex. VAT
£5,760.00 inc. VAT

GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

Gas-Tec is the next generation of flame ionisation detection. Offering users enhanced technology, Gas-Tec is the unique surveying solution.

The GES Gas-Tec portable Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) sensor can measure minute levels of hydrocarbons, allowing detection of levels from 1 to 10,000ppm of methane in less than 2 seconds. Even gas leaks from distribution pipes located under main roads or highways can be quickly detected and other applications including natural gas surveys, landfill surveys, environmental surveys, leak detection and methane detection. Extremely portable, the Gas-Tec is shoulder carried allowing the independent probe to be positioned easily around valves and flanges and can also be fitted to the trigger survey unit (Supplied Separately)which will allow you to carry vehicle surveys of roads up to 30 Kph.

Supplied with a refillable hydrogen cylinder (60 hours use), rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries (22 hours use), angled probe assembly, multi region mains charger, carry strap, quick start guide, user guide, filters and heavy duty carry case.


GPS: Enhances record keeping by assigning latitude, longitude and sea level to data readings.
Users are also able to view the current location, offering the precise location to back-up crews for
immediate leak management.

Data and event logging: Gas-Tec allows users the ability to download full survey information via
the ‘drag and drop’ USB interface for survey traceability.

Intuitive functionality: LCD and soft keys offering full sequence instruction, in-operation options,
service and calibration set-up and alerts.

Tried and tested: Based around the original Gas-Tec ‘engine' detection method. The next generation is
therefore already proven, fit for purpose and suited to the trials of every day use.

Enhanced electronic controls: Offering extended battery and cylinder life. Pressure and flow transducers
manage H2 and sample flow rates.

What Comes with the Mk5 Gas-Tec FID

● Heavy Duty Carry Case

● Mains Charger

● Probe Assembly

● 1 x 400ml Hydrogen Cylinder (Supplied Full)

● Spare Dust & Water Filters

● Quick Start Guide

● User Guide

● Calibration Certificate

● 12 Month Warranty

Click here for the GES Gas-Tec MK5 data sheet