GMI Leaksurveyor
GMI Leaksurveyor

GMI Leaksurveyor

£2,152.80 (inc. VAT)

The GMI Leaksurveyor combines quality, ruggedness and advanced GMI Technology in a user friendly, portable gas detector. The integral fast response and high sensitivity semiconductor sensor enables leakage surveys to be performed and distribution leaks to be quickly found.

Leaksurveyor Features

  • Integral Semiconductor Sensor (Range 0-10,000 ppm), providing fast response leak detection
  • PPM, LEL and Volume flammable gas ranges for leak detection, general safety monitoring and barholing
  • Audible and visual ‘Geiger’ alarm indication on ppm range
  • Integral pump with pressure sensor for flow fail detection with sample path protected by hydrophobic filter
  • Rugged polypropylene case, sealed to IP54 rating, suitable for outdoor use
  • Simple button operation allowing access to all features
  • Rechargeable or alkaline battery options
  • Compatible with the full range of GMI accessories
  • Fully certified to international standards

What you get with the Leaksurveyor

  • Leaksurveyor Carrying Case
  • Sample Line Adapter
  • 2 x Packs of Cotton Filters
  • Harness
  • 4mm Hex Driver
  • 1m Clear Sample Line
  • User Handbook
  • Universal Mains Charger (with rechargeable version only)


  • Leak Detection
  • Bar Hole Survey
  • Gas Escape detection
Click here for the GMI Leak Surveyor data sheet