Hot Water Systems & Safety (inc. Unvented hot water)

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Hot Water Systems & Safety (inc. Unvented hot water)

The following training and assessment packages are certificated by LCL Awards to industry led standards.

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Plumbing, Heating

Qualification Title:

Hot Water Systems & Safety (inc. Unvented hot water)

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Level and Credit Value:

Guided Learning Hours:

1-2 days (including home study of Approved Document G)

Qualification Units:

Qualification Certificate Expiry:

5 years


The hot water systems and safety course is aimed at experienced plumbing and heating operatives who require a qualification in the installation, servicing and maintenance of domestic hot water systems. HWSS has been developed to ensure operatives are aware of how to comply with Approved Document G (ADG) 2016 when carrying out work on hot water systems. Training includes requirements for the installation of G3 Unvented Hot Water Systems and covers systems up to 500 litres capacity and 45kW power input.
The Hot Water Systems and Safety certificate is recognised by Competent Person Schemes (CPS) approved to offer a self-certification scheme under ADG, enabling installers of hot water systems (including Unvented HWS) to self-certify the installation. A certificate in Hot Water Systems and Safety is also required by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registration bodies for those looking to be recognised for the installation of Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems.

Learners outcomes:

Be trained and assessed in the following areas:

  • Regulations, standards and guidelines
  • Theory of understanding of expansion of hot water (HW)
  • Principles of HW storage
  • Design considerations
  • Components and function
  • Safety controls, discharge and integration
  • Installation of HW systems
  • Maintenance and servicing of HW systems including
  • Unvented HWS
  • Health and safety considerations


It is essential that HWSS candidates will be experienced in the installation of domestic cold and hot water systems. It is also essential that they hold one DCLG recognised competency in a conventional fuel i.e. gas, oil or solid fuel; or for those in the plumbing field an NVQ level 2 or equivalent plumbing qualification or experience. A basic knowledge of theWRAS Water (fittings) Regulationsis desirable although this course is available separately. Candidates undertaking the course should also be conversant with the new Part G document which can be downloaded from the following link:Part G Building Document 2010

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Assessment method:

  • Assessment is carried out using a variety of methods; including multiple choice, short written response and scenario questions and observed practical tasks.
  • A re-assessment route is available for those candidates returning to renew their qualification.

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