LPU 300 Natural Gas Purge Unit

£2,394.00 ex. VAT
£2,872.80 inc. VAT
RRP: £3,353.84

The LPU – Large Purge Unit purge unit is for the direct purging of pipe work. For use with 100 to 250mm bore pipe work from air to natural gas with pressures up to 100 mbar. It can also be used for natural gas to air purging but an air mover must be used. Smaller Purge Units for up to 100 and 150 mm bore pipework are also available,

Further to this the LPU is mounted in a solid aluminium and vinyl covered box with castors.

Soundness Testing and Purging must be carried out as set down in Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers publication UP/1.

A valved test point is included for the connection of a Gas Analyser such as a Gascoseeker. For monitoring the gas pressures or, if needed, for testing the hose assembly for tightness. The flow meter measures the gas velocity as a flow as given in UP/1. Press the panel on the meter index to change from flow to flow rate readings.

The LPU Gas Purge Unit is supplied with 10m heavyweight Antistatic Purge Hose, 2.5m Vent Stack, Sample Point, Flame Trap, instant reading Gas Metering System, Safety Signs and Operating Instructions. The complete assembly is housed in a durable, aluminium-framed case fitted with wheels for ease of movement.


  Click here for the LPU 300 Natural Gas Purge Unit Instruction Manual