Martindale FD650 Digital Fuse Finder Kit
Martindale FD650 Digital Fuse Finder Kit

Martindale FD650 Digital Fuse Finder Kit

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Martindale FD650 Digital Fuse Finder Kit

  • Trace fuse and breakers from sockets
  • Trace from light fittings
  • Trace from one distribution board to another
  • Supplied with soft carry case



he Elite Professional Fuse Finder makes identifying poorly labelled fuses and breakers easy without the need to power down each circuit to identify the one you need to work on.

The comprehensive professional Kit expands the capabilities of the standard FD550 so that it can also be used on light fittings or other points in a circuit in addition to 13A sockets.

The receiver has both fast manual mode and auto threshold mode set by a single sweep over the board. The auto mode sets the sensitivity to ignore weaker signals which can be caused by coupling between circuits ensuring easy detection in a wide range of installations.

The receiver will work with multiple transmitters and can also be used as a non-contact voltage indicator.

The kit includes a twin lead set with crocodile clips (TL83), IEC mains lead (EX332) and a soft carry case.



FD600 Transmitter
Voltage rating 230V
Frequency range 30-70Hz
Switching frequency 5Hz approx.
Transmission pulse width 1.7µS
Transmission pulse 20A max
Earth leakage Nil
Power consumption 1W approx.
IP rating IP20
Receiver CAT IV 600V
Supply from mains
Dimensions 65 x 65 x 50mm
Weight 65g approx.
FD650 Receiver
Tracing depth for fuse assignment 0-10cm approx. depending on local conditions
Sensitivity setting via digital stepping
IP rating IP20
Supply 9V battery, MN1604/PP3, IEC 6LA61 (alkaline only)
Weight 135g approx. (incl battery)
Dimensions 202 x 32 x 22mm
Complies with EMC standards

Transmitter: CAT III 300V

Receiver: CAT IV 600V

FD650 kit includes FD650/R receiver

FD600/T multi-purpose transmitter

IEC 13A mains lead adaptor

TL83 2 wire fused leads with IEC connector

TC57 carry case