Testo 549 Digital Refrigeration Manifold
Testo 549 Digital Refrigeration Manifold

Testo 549 Digital Refrigeration Manifold

£262.80 (inc. VAT)

New Testo 549 – Our best ever value manifold

The biggest strength of the Testo 549 digital manifold has to its phenomenal value. At under £200 it is our best ever value manifold. Just switch on, measure, and read off Large figures allow the values to be read off the display quickly and easily.


Testo's new manifold range are incredible value, completely negating the price advantage of analogue gauges

Two temperature-compensated pressure sensors measure high and low pressure quickly and precisely, and automatically calculate the temperatures. A glance at the instrument display is enough, and you see the measurement result. Two temperature inputs guarantee you the simultaneous calculation and display of superheating and subcooling. The temperature can additionally also be displayed. By simply pressing a button, you can switch between the measurement tasks at your will.


 No matter how tough the job is, testo refrigeration manifolds are be up to the task

  • The digital manifold testo 549, ideal for all measurement work on refirgeration systems and heat pumps
  • Robustness and extremely convenient operation
  • Measurement of low and high pressure as well as calculation of temperatures
  • Simultaneous calculation Of superheating and subcooling in real time
  • 60 refrigerants already stored in instrument


Measuring range

-50 to +150 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C

Probe connection

2 x plug-in (NTC)

Pressure measurement

Measuring range

-1 to +60 bar


±0.5 % fs


0.01 bar

Probe connection

3 x 7/16" – UNF

Overload rel. (high pressure)

65 bar

Vacuum measurement

Measuring range

-1 to 0 bar

General technical data


200 x 109 x 63 mm

Operating temperature

-20 to +50 °C

Protection class


Battery life

250 h (without illumination, without Bluetooth®)

Refrigerants in instrument

60 profiles:; R11; R12; R123; R1234yf; R1234ze; R125; R13B1; R134a; R14; R142B; R152A; R161; R22; R227; R290; R32; R401A; R401B; R401C; R402A; R402B; R404A; R406A; R407A; R407B; R407C; R407D; R407F; R408A; R409A; R410A; Ra11A; R412A; R413A; R414B; R416A; R417A; R420A; R421A; R422A; R422B; R422B; R422C; R422D; R424A; R426A; R427A; R434A; R437A; R438A; R502; R503; R507; R508A; R508B; R600; R600a; R744 (CO₂); R718 (H₂O); update by Testo Service

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C


1060 g

Order-Nr.  0560 0550

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