Testo 926 - Temperature meter
Testo 926 - Temperature meter
Testo 926 - Temperature meter

Testo 926 - Temperature meter

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Testo 926 - Temperature meter

The testo 926 is a compact and reliable, easy-to-use digital temperature meter designed to help you check food in commercial kitchens, catering, top food service and commercial and industrial environments.

It is certified according to HACCP and EN 13485 and ideal for use in the food sector. User-defined thresholds make it easier for you to carry out your daily work and an audible alarm warns when thresholds are exceeded. Min/max values are saved automatically.

Flexible and wireless - sensors for the testo 926 temperature meter

The testo 926 food safety thermometer comes with a wide selection of sensors for an even broader range of applications: sensors include standard food sensors, frozen food sensors, discreet sensors designed to leave only the smallest of puncture marks, heat resistant sensors designed to check oven temperatures and wireless sensors that transmit data directly to the main module.

You will need a sensor to start using your meter. Select one or more sensors from our selection to personalise your meter to suit your individual requirements. Or order your start-up kit, which comes with a standard food sensor and get yourself started.

Standard design for use in the field. Extra add-ons for even more efficiency and convenience

Although the testo 926 temperature meter comes standard-equipped with a whole host of practical features, there is also a wide range of optional sensors - including a wireless sensor - which you can order to upgrade your meter and broaden your range of possibilities.

You may also choose to order the wireless testo turbo printer, which provides you with on-site documentation, or the TopSafe protective cover, which protects your food safety thermometer against dirt and water ingress and impact. Simply remove the cover and pop into the dishwasher to clean.

Possible Probes

Air Probes
- Robust, affordable air probe, T/C Type T (Order Number: 0603 1793)

Air and Immersion / Penetration RFID Probes
- T/C probe head for air/immersion/penetration measurement (T/C Type K) (Order Number: 0602 0293)

Food Probes
- Flexible oven probe, Tmax +250 °C, PTFE cable (Order Number: 0603 0646)
- Stainless steel food probe (IP67) with PUR cable, T/C Type T (Order Number: 0603 2192)
- Robust food penetration probe with special handle, IP 65, reinforced cable (PUR) and reinforced protection from buckling (Order Number: 0603 2492)
- Waterproof precision immersion/penetration probe without visible penetration hole, T/C Type T (Order Number: 0603 2693)
- Frozen food probe, corkscrew design Frozen food probe, corkscrew design, Tmax handle and cable (Order Number: 0603 3292)
- Accurate, waterproof food probe (IP67), made of stainless steel, with Teflon cable (Order Number: 0603 3392)
- Flexible incoming goods probe, ideal for quick temperature measurements on incoming goods (Order Number: 0628 0023)
- Waterproof, super-quick needle probe for measurements without visible penetration hole. Ideal for hamburgers, steaks etc. (Order Number: 0628 0027)
- Quick needle probe to monitor cooking processes in oven. Measurements on vacuum products also possible if special sealing strip is used (Order Number: 0628 0030)

Immersion / Penetration Probes
- Waterproof standard immersion/penetration probe, T/C Type T (Order Number: 0603 1293)

Immersion / Penetration RFID Probes
- Radio immersion/penetration probe Radio immersion/penetration probe (Order Number: 0613 1001)

Surface RFID Probes
- Wireless module for attachable probe heads incl. adapter for attaching T/C probes (Type K) (Order Number: 0554 0189)
- T/C probe head for surface measurement (T/C Type K) (Order Number: 0602 0394)

Surface Probess
- Waterproof surface probe with widened measurement tip for flat surfaces, T/C Type T (Order Number: 0603 1993)

Delivery Scope

testo 926 temperature meter, user guide, calibration protocol, batteries.

Please note: You will need a sensor to start using your digital temperature meter!

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