Testo IAQ Monitors

Air meter – indispensable for the measurement of various climate parameters

The air meter is a valuable aid when it comes to both setting air conditioning and ventilation systems and assessing indoor air quality. A multifunction measuring instrument enables you to determine important climate parameters, such as CO₂, air humidity, air temperature and absolute pressure, reliably and precisely. A measuring instrument of this kind goes far beyond a classic hygrometer which is purely for the determination of humidity. The possibility of connecting a variety of optional probes enables different climate factors to be determined.

A multifunctional air meter has the following advantages:

  • Optimum setting of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Assessment of indoor air quality or comfort level measurements
  • A wide variety of combination possibilities with a variety of probes for optional measurements
  • Easy handling
  • Mobile design

One for all: Why you can save in the long term with a multifunction measuring instrument

Have you ever thought about a multifunction measuring instrument?

Multifunction measuring instruments have many advantages which make your job easier:

  • You have one tool to manage, and are equipped for all air velocity & IAQ measurement tasks.
  • You select the probes you need – and you can add more as often as you like.
  • You invest only once – and benefit in the long term from robust, intelligently designed technology.

Sound interesting? Then our multifunction measuring instruments are just right for you.

Climate measurement for the precise determination of air humidity

Determining air humidity is a factor that may be very important for you when it comes to climate measurement. Because the right indoor air humidity not only contributes to well-being, but also to maintaining good health. Every Testo air meter is a high-quality instrument for the accurate determination of air humidity in various indoor areas. Because exceeding the recommended indoor air humidity values by even a tiny amount may lead to mould formation.

Testo offers you instruments which you can appropriately retrofit or upgrade using optional probes to reliably indicate mould in indoor air as well. Because optimum indoor air humidity is a very sensitive issue, the measuring instrument should provide very accurate measuring values for humidity. A Testo indoor air meter means you are on the safe side, because it always provides high-precision results.

In spite of the complex technology, every Testo humidity measuring instrument is extremely easy to handle. The instruments have probe-dependent menus and user profiles that can be selected for typical applications.

Climate measurement

Documentation of measurement data on site is particularly effective for humidity measurement, because the measuring instrument is generally used in mobile applications.

A Testo fast printer, which can be integrated irrespective of the instrument, enables a measurement data report to be printed out directly on site. You can use this printout as evidence of your work. Retrofitting of instruments without an integrated printer is not a problem.

Practical features of the air meters:

  • Storage of measuring values
  • Documentation of results on site
  • Easy mobile handling
Testo air meter

Multifunction air meter for determining a variety of climate parameters

Multifunction air meter

The multifunction air meter can be a great help to you, when you not only need to carry out a humidity measurement but also to determine several different climate parameters. Depending on the instrument, air meters can be upgraded using various probes to enable values such as absolute pressure, air temperature or CO₂ content in the air to be determined. The functions therefore go far beyond those of a pure humidity meter and enable the determination of various climate parameters with just one instrument. The multifunction air meter thus supports you in determining a variety of factors for indoor air quality assessment and comfort level measurements. Furthermore, it provides you with an important aid in terms of the precise setting of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Modern multifunction measuring instruments offer the following advantages:

  • Easy readout of precise measuring values on the display
  • Determination of many different climate parameters with just one instrument
  • Optional probes enable the measuring instrument to be upgraded for individual needs

Optimum air quality – perfectly under control thanks to cutting-edge measuring instruments

Indoor air quality and comfort level measurement

A variety of factors play an important role in terms of optimum air quality. An indoor air meter enables you to determine the temperature, air humidity or also the CO₂ content in a room. The measurement of these parameters provides a good basis for assessing indoor air quality.

In addition, the appropriate probes enable you to determine even more measuring values in terms of assessing air quality. An extremely precise indication of mould is for instance enabled in this way. A pure air humidity meter alone is therefore not sufficient when it comes to meaningful and all-encompassing air quality assessment.

Testo's measuring instruments enable you to enjoy measurement options for your individual needs through retrofitting with optional probes.

Set ventilation and air conditioning systems correctly with the air meter

Does your task involve setting ventilation and air conditioning systems? Then you need a precise measuring instrument which provides you with accurate results. Because even small discrepancies can cause problems with air conditioning and ventilation systems, you cannot allow yourself to work with approximate values.

Testo measuring instruments offer thermal anemometers and vane anemometers for measuring the air speed and volume flow in ventilation ducts. These options can be connected individually. Here, the measuring instrument offers intuitive operation with clearly structured measurement menus for volume flow, degree of turbulence or cooling and heating output as well.

A wide variety of combination options are possible thanks to high-quality digital probes, to ensure you are ideally equipped for every measuring task.

CO₂, air humidity, air temperature and absolute pressure - additions to the air meter

Multifunction air meters only enable you to achieve a precise assessment of the indoor air quality when a variety of climate parameters are measured and considered in their entirety – and these values should be reliable. In addition to air humidity readings, you also need the exact results for CO₂ content, air temperature and absolute pressure. The testo 435-4 multifunction measuring instrument thus enables you to attach optional probes to determine measuring values for the following parameters: 

  • Absolute pressure
  • CO₂
  • Temperature
  • Air humidity

The illuminated display enables quick and easy readout of measurement results on site. In addition to the attachable probes, you can also connect up to 3 additional radio probes to the measuring instrument. The radio module is available as an option, enabling wireless acquisition of temperature measurements recorded by a radio probe over a distance of up to 20 m with no obstructions.