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Smart Phone + Smart Probes = Smart Work

Introducing the New range of Testo ‘Smart Probes’. These pocket-sized, professional measuring instruments are operated directly from your smartphone or tablet. Each instrument has been designed for it’s own specific application, measuring temperature, humidity, pressure or flow velocity.

Smartphones and tablets make our day-to-day life easier in almost every situation, from searching for answers on google, to watching step by step guides on YouTube. So why can’t this apply to contractors’ measurement tasks? That’s precisely what Testo’s product developers asked themselves – and the result was the New Smart Probes range.

Eight compact measuring instruments which can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and are operated entirely via the Free Smart probes App. Competitively priced, Testo Smart Probes are the ideal instruments for contractors with an enthusiasm for technology. However, thanks to the user friendly App, even the least tech savvy engineer shouldn’t find them difficult to use.

Access all your measurements with one, easy to use App

All Smart Probes are operated via the ‘Testo Smart Probes’ App. It offers the user many practical functions including:

  • Ability to clearly read the measurement values
  • Option to display the measurement data in either graph or tabular form
  • Downloadable measurement data as a PDF report or Excel file, at the touch of a button
  • Application-specific measurement menus, depending on the instrument
  • Take readings from up to 6 Smart Probes at a time, making comparisons between multiple measurements easier than ever

The App itself is completely free and is available for iOS from the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Simple Documentation for your customers

As we have mentioned above, all measurement data is downloadable as either a PDF report or Excel file, and can be sent directly to your email account. This removes the need for unnecessary printing. Another advantage of the App running on a tablet or phone is the Smart Probes App will automatically pick up on the address you are working at.

Once measurements have been completed a simple Import function in the App allows customer details to be automatically added to reports which can be saved and emailed. This means all reports can quickly and easily be tailored specifically for each individual job.

Worried about your mobile data allowance? Don't be.

Smart probes connect and run entirely via Bluetooth, so no need to worry about using up your 3G internet allowance, as this will be unaffected.

Compact but effective

The smart probes are pocket size, similarly to our pocket line range. Because of this they offer a practical solution for contractors who don’t want to keep their larger, bulky equipment with them at all times. Despite being so compact, the Smart Probes are in no way delicate, built to withstand the everyday rigours associated with being a HVAC contractor.