Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras

Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras

Testo thermal imaging camera range extends from our entry level Testo 865 through to the high-end Testo 890 to ensure that there is a Testo thermal imaging camera for every budget and requirement. 

Each Testo thermal imaging camera is ergonomically designed and engineered with comfort, practicality and ease of use in mind. Large display screen, superb resolution and exceptional sensitivity as standard with every Testo thermal imaging camera ensures the best possible return on your investment and increased benefits for your business.

Testo have launched a brand-new range of 'Smart' Thermal Imaging Cameras!

Detecting leakage and water damage

Thermal imager testo 875

Thermal image pipe

With a Testo thermal imager, you can localize leakage and moisture damage in the interior of buildings easily and reliably – without needing to open up wall or floor areas. The temperature drop caused by the evaporation of the water results in a temperature difference over the surroundings, which is recorded by the thermal imager.

In addition to this, you can use thermography to locate unknown pipework which is not shown in plans, allowing problems in installations to be remedied quickly and in a targeted way.

Check underfloor heating and installations


Thermal image underfloor heating

How can you ascertain whether an existing underfloor heating system is operating efficiently or verify that a new system has been installed correctly?

With a Testo thermal imager, you can inspect installations at any time with little effort. The thermographic inspection provides a clear visual presentation of the condition of the underfloor heating. In the example illustrated, the pipes have not been correctly installed, so the floor is not being heated uniformly. On the basis of this measurement, you can optimize the installation with a targeted measure.

Check radiators for silting

Thermal image heating systems 

Thermal image heating systems

If radiators do not heat up properly, the heating system needs to run for longer periods in order to reach the required room temperature. This results in higher energy costs. One reason for this can be the build-up of deposits in radiators.

You can use thermal imagers to visualise these. At the same time, you can check whether the heat is being distributed evenly.

Optimize flow and return temperature

Image flow and check temperature 

Thermal Image flow and check temperature

For an optimally adjusted heating system, the temperature difference between the water circuit flow and return must be checked and adjusted. This ensures an even distribution of the heat in the building.

With a Testo thermal imager, you can quickly and easily check flow and return temperatures, and hydronically adjust the heating systems according to requirements.

Test AC systems

AC system

Using thermography, you can test not only the temperature of the electrical components/connections on AC systems, but also the temperature of the outflowing air. While the temperatures of the electrical components are measured directly, the air temperature cannot be correctly determined by a measurement on the metal outlet pipe.

For this purpose a material with a higher emissivity is needed, e.g. paper. Held in front of the outlet, it assumes the temperature of the outflowing air after only a short time, so that the thermal imager delivers a precise measurement result. By measuring at several air vents you can check whether the cool air is evenly distributed in the building.

Testo SuperResolution for Thermal Imaging Cameras

Upgrade your Thermal Imaging Camera today! Four times as many readings and a resolution that has been improved by a factor of 1.6.

With Testo thermal imagers you can simply see more across a wide range of applications. Whether checking buildings, detecting leaks, inspecting production plants or in research. Using outstanding infrared image quality and innovative technologies – such as SuperResolution, humidity measurement and solar mode – Testo infrared cameras identify weak spots and damage in a reliable way and ensure thermally optimised components - quickly and contactlessly.

Testo SuperResolution – the revolutionary technology

The higher the resolution of your thermal images, the more abnormalities you can see. The revolutionary SuperResolution Technology will instantly make the image quality of your thermal imager a cut above the rest. Four times as many readings and a geometrical resolution that has been improved by a factor of 1.6 mean even greater detail and even greater reliability of measurement for you.

Detecting humidity before you see the mould

Damp interiors and mould won't stand a chance. Thermal imagers from Testo make it easy for you to keep an eye on all potential sources of risk: Testo thermal imagers calculate the humidity value of each measuring point using the externally determined ambient temperature and air humidity, as well as the measured surface temperature. And on your display you are immediately able to detect what is invisible to the naked eye.

Monitor solar energy systems quickly and efficiently with the solar mode

You can now easily monitor photovoltaic systems of all sizes in a way that is wide-ranging, contactless and exceptionally efficient. This is because the accurate thermal imagers from Testo are able to detect malfunctions and make sure that all components are functioning smoothly, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness. The option of inputting solar radiation intensity offers you even more reliability, and afterwards you will know exactly what you have measured.