TFU Twin Flare Unit

£1,843.79 ex. VAT
£2,212.55 inc. VAT
RRP: £2,458.39

This Twin head Flare Unit is designed for the direct venting of natural gas and LPG. The burner can operate at pressure up to 2bar and if necessary higher pressure supplies can be regulated to this pressure.

The TFU - Twin Flare Unit has two burners and two ignition units, a Single burner unit is also available with one burner and one ignition unit.

The unit contains a continuously rated high voltage and switched transformer. This is fed from 110V source via a safety transformer providing a continuous spark for ignition. This is particularly important so that a flame can be maintained as the gas levels decrease.

When the purge is nearing completion the flame will not be maintained and normal gas venting will continue through the stack. The main flare unit is mounted in a vinyl coated wooden and aluminium framed purge box.

The TFU Flare Unit is equipped with Twin Burners (with interchangeable Natural Gas and LPG injectors) and is supplied with 2.5m Flare Stack, 10m Flare Hose (NG and LPG options), Ignition Wiring, Sample Point, In-line Flame Arrestor. Safety Signs and Operating Instructions are included. The complete assembly is housed in a durable, aluminium-framed case.

 Click here for the Twin Flare Unit Instruction Manual