TPI 608BT Single Input Manometer with Bluetooth Communication

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RRP: £126.00

The 608BT Digital Manometer with Bluetooth® Communication measures pressure or vacuum in four units of measure. Single input manometer with +/-150mBar range. Four units of measure: inH2O, mBar, KPa, PSI and mmH20. Backlight display.

  • View LIVE readings on the TPI View App. Details below!
  • Perform Manual or Automatic Let-By/Tightness Tests
  • Colour coded “Outside Permissible Leakage Tolerances” of 0.25 mBar for Pipework Only Testing
  • View Initial Test Value & Current Value simultaneously, whilst carrying out the tests
  • View Initial Test Value, Final Test Value & the Differential Value at the end of each test
  • Serial No. visible in app & on reports
  • Allocate a unique reference to each reading report
  • Send reports to multiple e-mail recipients
  • +/- 150 mBar range & 0.01 mBar resolution
  • Hook & Magnets on the back of the manometer for hands free use while using the app

Measurement Techniques

  1. Turn the 608BT on by pressing the ON/OFF button. The display will initially read “608” along with the selected unit of measure. After this initial display the 608BT is ready for use.
    Note: Follow these steps to change the unit of measure.
    a) With the 608BT turned off, press and hold the on/off button until the display reads “—-” and the unit annunciator flashes.
    b) Release the on/off button and then press it repeatedly until the desired unit of measure is displayed. The unit of measure will cycle through inH2O, mbar, KPa, and PSI.
    c) Once the desired unit of measure is selected, allow the 608BT to turn off and then turn it back on and proceed with testing. The 608BT will turn on in the last selected unit of measure until changed.
  2. Zero the displayed reading by pressing the ZERO button.
  3. Connect the 608BT to the device under test.
Model 608BT Specifications
 Measurement Range  ±150mBar
 Display  4 Digit LCD with backlight
 Input Type  Single (1/4” Barbed)
 Resolution (max)  0.01” H2O
 Accuracy  +/-1% of full scale
 Functions  One Touch Zero, Back-light, Selectable units of measure
 Units of Measure  4 Units (inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI)
 Battery Type  9V Alkaline
 Battery Life  200 hours (Typical)
 Auto Power Off  40 minutes